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A little knowledge about calcium supplementation

Release Time : Sep 06, 2022
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Calcium is an important component of bones and teeth and a promoter of various reactions and synthesis in the body . Therefore, calcium is very important to the human body, and calcium deficiency will bring a lot of physical discomfort. Many parents are now paying attention to calcium supplementation for their children. What are the benefits of calcium supplementation?

1. The human body is supported by bones.

2. Human height is mainly the growth of bones, especially the long bones of the legs and upper limbs, which require a large amount of calcium in the body, especially during the critical period of growth and development. The amount of calcium in the blood often determines the height and speed of growth, so the growth period must not be deficient in calcium. Promote the growth of children, promote the growth of children's teeth.

3. The baby will begin to grow teeth at 6 months, and the child will change his teeth at the age of 6~12. At this time, teeth are like bones, which grow twice in a lifetime, and calcium is an important component. During the critical period of the growth of these two teeth. There needs to be enough calcium in the child's blood to promote tooth growth. Promotes tooth growth and soft tissue toughness.

4. The body fluids in the human body are in a state of dynamic equilibrium. When certain substances are deficient, they are broken down and replenished from elsewhere. When there is a lack of calcium in the body, a large amount of calcitonin will be produced, which will promote the conversion of bone calcium into blood calcium, increase the calcium content in the blood, and cause the soft tissues such as muscles, skin, and sclera to harden and lose their elasticity, sometimes causing cramps and other reactions.

The above is about calcium supplementation. If you have any other knowledge about calcium supplementation, please leave a message and pay attention.